SAIMechE General Manager with UJ Student Chapter’s Committee

The SAIMechE UJ APK Student Chapter Roadshow was hosted at the University of Johannesburg on 11 March 2022. The event was intended to educate new members about the benefits of joining SAIMechE, and to introduce the professional development programmes( PdP) as well as the importance of registering with the Engineering Council of South Africa ( ECSA). This event was divided into two, namely: The Student Chapter presentation and the fun day.

Firstly, Uncel Mhelembe, General Manager of SAIMechE and Exco member, gave a presentation on SAIMechE and how to become a member as a student, and outlined the ECSA various registration categories, namely: Professional Engineer (Pr Eng), Professional Technologist( Pr Tech Eng), Professional Certificated Engineer( Pr Cert Eng) and Professional Technician ( Pr Techni). He also emphasised the importance of becoming a part of SAIMechE while studying as this sets students apart from all other graduates when looking for prospective employment.

After the presentation, the fun day event took place at an open field within UJ. Here, mechanical engineering students could meet up and take part in games prepared by members of the SAIMechE UJ Student Chapter. These games compromised a three-legged race, bouncing ball into cup and cup stacking to encourage the students to become more comfortable with each other through socialising and networking. Food and refreshments were also offered and this well-attended event was enjoyed by all.

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  1. Hi ‘
    My name is Balan Govender and I manage an Academy called Bosch Ulwazi, we are part of the Bosch Holdings Group.
    Our main focus is the development of engineering , Project Management and Construction Management grauduate on a road to registration program are per the requirements of the relevant Professional body. We are presently the only ECSA approved Academy in SA.
    I will like to meet with SAIMechnical Engineers to discuss how we can offer our services to mechanical engineering students as well.

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