Amphibious heavy-duty pumps like the Toyo VH range, available from IPR, are designed to operate effectively in challenging environments where versatility and durability are paramount. These robust pumps can function both above the water (dry) and under the water (submerged), making them an ideal solution for diverse applications across the mining, oil and gas, construction and agricultural sectors. 

In the mining industry, these pumps play a crucial role in dewatering (the removal of water infiltrating open pit and underground mines). Their capability to handle heavy and abrasive slurries is also instrumental in the construction sector, particularly in dewatering building sites and during tunnel construction. They can operate either partially or completely submerged. Notably, a compact version with an inline outlet discharge is beneficial in tunnelling works where space is a limitation.

Ruaan Venter, Business Development Manager at IPR, says the usefulness of the Toyo VH amphibious pump extends to environmental clean-up and remediation efforts, where these units will effectively and efficiently pump out contaminated groundwater or surface water, even when the water is laden with solids or sediment. 

Submerged and above water

“In wastewater treatment facilities, Toyo VH pumps handle sludge and other dense materials, while in the agricultural industry, these amphibious pumps are key in irrigation and drainage systems, especially in flood-prone areas. Their ability to function both submerged and above water is crucial in maintaining optimal growing conditions by controlling water levels in fields.”

The industrial sector also heavily relies on these pumps’ versatility. They are used in processing plants across industries such as food processing, chemical and petroleum, where they handle slurries. Their robust construction allows them to manage corrosive and abrasive fluids, solidifying them as a reliable choice for demanding industrial environments.

Priming or booster

Design construction is unique incorporating a semi-open impeller, ample passageways for solids, heavy-duty shaft and bearing configuration, and double mechanical seals operating in an oil bath. They can function as priming or booster pumps and are installed on a frame with a strainer or with a fixing cone, with or without an agitator. Models from the Toyo VH15, and larger, come equipped with an adjustable wear plate to optimise hydraulic efficiency.

These pumps can manage slurries with densities of at least 1.25kg/dm³ and solid contents up to 55% by weight. They can handle solid particles up to 80mm in diameter and liquid temperatures up to 60°C with pH levels between 4 and 14. 

Unique agitator design

Ruaan explains that one of the most important advantages is that the Toyo VH range features a unique agitator design that lifts sediment into suspension, enabling the continuous pumping of media with high solid concentrations. 

Capable of operating at maximum depths of 30 metres, these pumps are suitable for surface applications or those requiring partial or total submersion. Special versions of Toyo VH pumps can handle solid content of up to 60% by weight and liquid temperatures up to 80°C. Variations in materials of construction, including stainless steel and specialised alloys, are available for these extremely high temperature applications.

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