VSD Compressor Technology

Atlas Copco’s ground-breaking Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor technology has delivered energy-efficient, superior quality, ultra-reliable compressed air solutions to industries around the world for the past 25 years.

3 Fixed Pressure Compressors with One Machine

The XRHS 650 PACE, part of Atlas Copco’s XAS boX range, delivers an unparalleled air compressor solution for blast hole and water well drilling applications in the mining and quarrying sectors in terms of performance, efficiency, reliability, versatility and serviceability.  These optimised size-to-flow XAS boX air compressors deliver a size, flow and fuel efficiency trio […]

Faster Drilling And Reduced Fuel Costs

This new offering has been scientifically designed around pressure and flow for a wide range of high-capacity drilling applications. These two new units are ideally suited for applications such as mineral exploration drilling, geothermal drilling, construction and blast hole drilling; as well as for services such as aerated drilling and the drilling of wells. “Choosing […]